Huygens Principle in My Mind

Ideas flow faster,
Than they can come out,
Every note, every voice, every thought in my mind,
Is Huygens Principle in the air,
Is a ripple in space and time,
The more data that it carries,
The less distance that it goes;
And the more, and the more, and the more…. and the less I can remember,
It needs a boost in communication,
Due to spatial subsummation,
Every crest in a wave makes the current less concave,
Makes my thoughts more complex to the point of reflex,
But this still does forestall my skill to recall,
It needs a boost, or a jog, a relay in the way,
That we do need convey,
What we think, must revise,
Our every action…
For the friction of our function without flexion is a lie,
Without switching up or routing down the path ahead is bleak,
External input is required to keep performance at its peak,
But symbiosis can be hard to come by…
We default to the quickest path,
Unless this means a lot of math,
And sometimes the road ahead is not clear.
As complexity just starts to mount,
With so many things you cannot count,
The buffer flows less freely over this stream.
This makes for a need for more control,
A check in every balance beam,
That goes out into the air,
To take the time – to look and see,
Whether we all care.
– Aaron E-J

Here there be dragons

Here there be dragons,
I say, I think, I hope, I know,
For this is the power of imagination,
A power not of 1, or 2, or 3, or 4, or 11,
But one that bridges the gap between the known and the unknown,
Between certainty and uncertainty,
Between you and me and us and them and everything else that lives and wants to live,
Here we are –
Where we go,
I can only imagine.
-Aaron E-J

Solving world hunger through the miracle tree – moringa

         I was listening to a news story from the BBC recently about the starvation in the North East part of Nigeria called Borno and this made me think about the need for much wider adoption of Moringa oleifera better known as just moringa.  Moringa is a fast growing, drought resistant tree that has leaves and pods that are incredibly nutrient rich.  Just a few hundred grams of the leaves can provide sizable quantities of all of the essential amino acids and relatively high amounts of many vitamins and minerals.  Although there is growing awareness of the plant's usefulness for a wide range of issues, fighting starvation is perhaps the most acute. 
        However, I have found little in the way of news reports for the use of this tree in fighting starvation. If we airdropped large quantities of the seeds plus a starter nutrient during the beginning of the rainy season, we could potentially create a self-sustaining food source that requires little to no input. I sent a version of this post to contacts in UNICEF and USAID, no idea what will become these messages

Links for more information about moringa:

Moringa oleifera: A Food Plant with Multiple Medicinal Uses

Adoption of Moringa oleifera to combat under-nutrition viewed through the lens of the “Diffusion of Innovations” theory
Thurber, M. D., & Fahey, J. W. (2009). Adoption of Moringa oleifera to combat under-nutrition viewed through the lens of the “Diffusion of Innovations” theory. Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 48(3), 212–225.

Nigeria Boko Haram: 75,000 children 'risk dying of hunger'