Went the sky on a Saturday night,
The rockets were zooming,
Through a cloudy spring sky,
To explode in bright flash of thousands of colors,
That illuminate nighttime with flashes of lightning,
And smoke which fills the air

As I sit down to watch the festivities begin,
I can not help but wonder when this all this began,
“Is it late?”
I do think,
“Will the fireworks get done?”
I do not need to worry, only check on my wrist,
The time is right there and its quarter past ten,
And that’s when the big bang went into the air,
To announce to the public that we were still there
-Aaron E-J

Continue on your merry way,
As I sing my merry song,

If you dance to the music,
We will get along.

My songs a cry for hope,
My songs a cry for peace,

If you dance to the music,
We will all get along,

If you sing my marry song,
We will all get along,
And we will never go away.
– Aaron E-J –

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Mediocrity is the vast majority of the universe,
Life is inside of an upside down bell,
Making everything hard if it hasn’t been done,
The demons of this curse are very strong,
But they must be overcome.

How can we do this?
The answer’s right there,
If everyone gets out of there tiny little box,
And just tries to fight for change.

Then we will over come the mightiest of foes,
And everyone will get a chance to choose between…
Leading a life of mediocrity and making a place in this world.

Or so it seams, although something so profound as this is hard to quantify.
But I hope that we can,
But I hope that we will,
Just where we begin,
Is still the unknown.