I am on my way,

I’m goanna go the distance,

I’m on my way,

Out to a better world,

And when I find this place,

It will be my biggest joy,

But for now, things are not fun.

So I need to rise up,

Out of this marshy pit,

And embrace the world,

That I am,

For until I do not do this,

Remain entrapped I will,

In eternity of darkness,

That does not see light,

But the light has got to come,

So it can bring me out of hear,

And into better times.

And into better times.

-Aaron E-J

Now I am somewhere other than here,
Now I am somewhere where you are not,
For here, to the reader, is the location of you,
And everyone else is so far away,
It is only until we can all join together,
That you and me and everyone else,
Will be as one in here.

But for now you are there,
And we are a long ways away,
And I hope that we meet sometime so soon,
And to doubt is to make it not true.
-Aaron E-J

Where does snow go?
Is it made out of dough?
When you pack it, can it throw?
Well you better duck down low,
Or you’ll have a bump that’ll grow,
And when the trees start to bow,
As a result of the snow,
You will have a mighty foe,
Until the sun starts to glow,
Then you will know,
You can go in the snow!
-Aaron E-J

With an exultant feeling in my upper extremities I vigilantly wait for a snow day. What the next day entails I can only hope is surpassed only by two days from now.
-Aaron E-J