It’s turkey day,
Give thanks for what?
When we invaded earth,
Our arms do reach far and so wide,
And some do try to flee,
And some do try to fight,
It is those who fight,
Like we once did,
That makes the disarray,
And then we try to put an end,
But do so just the same,
As the very ones we are fighting,
And two wrongs do not make right.
-Aaron E-J

Happy birthday Dad,
You are the new fad,
Everyone likes you,
Even those who are bad,
But bad they are not,
When they’ve had,
Your small spiel,
They become a new lad,
And are no longer mad.
So as I write this new poem,
On a little note pad,
I cannot help but think,
How you really are rad,
And no longer can one,
Who sees you be sad,
But this poem does began,
To drag on just a tad.
-By Aaron E-J for his “Dad”

Blue was the glue,
That poo poo’ed my new do,
It clambered and hollered and made to say boo,
But I kept my new look,
As it was for my book,
And had just the hook,
For a nasty old crook,
That liked to eat limes,
Had a knack for good rhymes,
And was short a few dimes,
So he had to go steel,
To make up on his deal,
That he had pawned for a wheel,
And that’s how the story begins.
-Aaron E-J