Doesn’t seem like the ratio of paperwork…

Doesn’t it seem like the ratio of paperwork to importance of thing you are doing it for goes up exponentially the more important it is? To apply for college I needed to do a ton of paperwork, but I knew that it was crucial in getting anywhere in life. Now, in applying for the Peace Corps, I’ve probably done even more paper work, but I know that I will get even more away from it than I did in college. I think I’ll call it Aaron E-J’s law of paperwork…. unless someone already beat me to naming the phenomenon.

Fact 1

Nothing is impossible, therefore something, but not everything, must be. For nothing is something and for that reason impossible… However, what do impossibilities represent? They represent nothing possible but these are still things. Consequently, even if everything is comprised of only nothing, there always must be at least one thing in the universe. – Aaron E-J