As I sit here,
On this Tuesday night,
And try to clear my mind,
Of all that’s bad in the world I know,
And think good thoughts out loud,
But now and then my mind does wonder,
What good does really mean,
For I do decide to reason,
That my bad is only mine,
That someone else might think these things,
And see them differently,
This light that is in all of us,
Is just a single ray,
And we need to join together now,
To get the pure spectrum,
Each person brings in some new light,
And I hope that mine gets seen.
– Aaron E-J

Control shift save,
Control shift save,
It is the very latest wave,
It stops that fear,
That a crash is near,
And does back up your work,
Then if you do,
Sometimes screw up,
To a point beyond repair,
You need not worry,
Just open that file,
That has your history,
And you will know,
That the file’s what you want,
To work on until your done.
-Aaron E-J

The power of protean,
To recharge your mind,
Is the strongest food by far.
Sugar works,
But then you crash,
And don’t regenerate,
Fat is worse,
It lies, just sits,
And makes your heart run muck,
Protean is needed,
To fuel great things,
Other food does not compare.
-Aaron E-J

It has been brought to my attention…

It has been brought to my attention,
That the mention of a pension,
Draws really quite some tension,
So I thought I ought to mention,
That the governments convention,
Is in need of new invention,
Something out of this dimension,
Or else the likely apprehension,
Is really out of comprehension,
Will We risk the chance prevention,
Of a catastrophe quite large?
-Aaron E-J