I haven’t gotten a knack for reading the side to side messages and the diagonal ones are impossible, that said, all is done for this message that sense making is of little use.

The Napkin

-The napkin was tired of being stuffed inside cheap plastic packaging; it wanted to be out exploring the world. Not that it really had a good sense of what the world was, as the only other image it had was a brief glimpse of a the factory where it had been born. But this one moment of teaming life before seeing only plastic and other paper products clung more dearly than anything. Not surprisingly, napkins like to keep to themselves, which is somewhat of a good thing as they do not have really any means of communication other than telepathy. This requires years of training and so few napkins even bother to try.
-After about a month of absolute boredom, to which the only respite was sleep, a drastic change was about to occur. It was late September and the leaves were just beginning to turn when the thin synthetic housing of hundreds of the napkins roommates was violently shaken into awareness. After several minutes of this aggressive tossing the bag was ripped open to reveal a picnic being laid out on a gorgeous fall day. As the napkin was picked up, it could help but think that all this time in the bag was worth it just to see this amazing view. And to feel something other than the rough plastic of the bag – the soft feeling of foreign skin as it was wiped across the face of a 14 year old boy.
-Then, of course the napkin remembered little else because it was thrown into the blazing fire three yards from the table which the napkin had first glimpsed the park.
-Aaron E-J

What I want to hear,
Oh so loud and clear,
Is that change is near,
And there will be joy and cheer,
When the world can take dear,
That there should be no need to fear,
Those things have not taken place,
For then you can just make a case,
That where we need to lead the earth,
So that we can go give birth,
To new ideas that make it worth,
The struggle that has brought us far,
But strove to not try to mare,
The things that are
-Aaron E-J

Eating lunch
Working on bike,
Taking out a digital video camera for shooting of the movie “Darin college”
Eating dinner
Lab monitoring in the media basement,
Working on website
Going to bed and dreaming of the clockwork orange being updated to an atomic clock and then being pealed and eaten.

Lab monitoring in the 3rd floor computer lab
Buying the domain: http://www.otherrealm.org
Setting it up,
Working on the Darin college movie,
Getting a quick bite to eat,
Going to the “Excalibur Game Night” which now happens every Tuesday
Going to bed and dreaming of rocket ships shooting off into the lower stratosphere on a voyage to land unknown and places seen by few to be extravagantly colored and smelling like burnt plastic cups masked by aerosol spray.
Getting up,
Eating breakfast,
Lab monitoring in the 3rd floor computer lab
Eating dinner
Lab monitoring in the media basement
Working on my website
Going to bed and dreaming of quickly moving objects going backwards.