I worked on a compilation of US family photos to give to my host family in Zambia


The day started off late but getting some exercise before I did anything else that day was a good thing. I worked on a compilation of US family photos to give to my host family in Zambia until my going away party started at about 4:00pm with the first installation of guests. All in all it was a good time, some friends from high school came and we caught up on what all of us had been doing for the past four+ years. When I bid them farewell and went to bed I had awesome dream. I was back at college at one of the semesterly D&D type gaming events and was talking to another student. A young woman appeared and it was apparent that she was the student I had been talking to’s girl friend. The first student left for some reason and I talked to the newcomer for a little bit, then she vanished and was replaced by something resembling an ipod shuffle. I must have picked it up and then walked out because the next thing I knew, I was walking into another building and the woman appeared again (and the ipod-like device vanished). She seemed to be intent on something and quickly walked off. I followed her, distraught that I might lose her but very soon it seemed I had. Then I woke up. Writing about it doesn’t do it justice, but then you can never put dreams into words accurately. I then spent a long time expanding upon the dream until I decided I should probably try to get some more sleep. I guest a big reason I liked the dream is because I can actually remember it. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a dream I could remember.