It’s Halloween, the ghosts are out there,
It’s Halloween, the rats do scamper,
It’s Halloween,
It’s Halloween,

What do you do on Halloween?
You hide, you hide,
And hope you won’t be found.

For if you are found,
You will die,
Your soul will be chopped,
Into thousands of pieces,
And flung over the graves of the dead.
The dead will then rise,
And feast on the living
And eat the live flesh,
Of your family and friends.

Now the only way to get out of this mess,
Is to do one of two things:
The first is to dress up as one of the dead,
And then go to you neighboring houses.
The second is harder, but more to my liking,
And that is to go to Hampshire.
-Aaron E-J

You’ll give me tea for free?
Well I’ll be.
That I’d like to see,
Everywhere else you pay a fee,
But now I’ll dance in glee!
-Aaron E-J

The wizard of old,
And the children of new,
The people of middle,
And the beings of hope,
Will be joining together,
One day oh so soon,
To fend off the those,
Who see fate as a fact,
That see a straight line,
In the future to come,
When they know that the outlook is fogy at best,
And that this is what gives life,
The challenge and fun,
Of making your way in this world.
-Aaron E-J

dreaming of being engulfed in a sea of raspberries and being saved by a turtle who hires a crew of paper men (men made out of paper) to solidify the berries into jelly and then to create a pyramid of glockenspiels which are played by a harmonious group of Robinhoods marry men

The speaker spoke,
And the crowd awoke,
To the comments said by him,
His words were poignant,
Proud and gay,
So when he drew to close,
The crowd roared loud
The crowd roared long,
So much some hoarse did grow,
All for a cause none new that well,
But still they fell,
Under the spell,
Of the voice an actor sings.
-Aaron E-J

After this day is done I will slowly make my way to the horizontal surface identified as my bed and go into a sort of state some might refer to as sleep. When in this state, I will be dreaming of lollypops grown wild with an inner hunger to force feed little rabbits garbanzo beans rapped in cold outer leaves of cabbages.