Dreaming of a wire on a block of wood,
That encircles all the squirrels in this place called earth,
That we inhabit and call our own,
I am trying to just formulate a plan to carry out,
Involving every birch bark scrap that comes before my eyes,
And since these things are flammable,
I need to work with care,
Making sure they spark with ease,
Is simple when I dream,
I wish these actions could translate,
Into my waking life,
Right now I need to be content,
And separate my dreams,
With what I do when I’m awake,
For the laws of dream,
Though sometimes seeming similar,
To all I do awake,
Are complexly really simpler,
Than my random sleep.
-Aaron E-J

Dreaming of the sound of far away drum beats, in mist of a silent dawn, where the whisper of my thoughts stream throughout the vast universe which I inhabit and make my own.
-Aaron E-J