Each one alone…

Each one alone,
We do condone,
In private conversation,
We victimize,
Our own demise,
When really we should compromise,
The other side,
Of the great divide,
Seems to have so much to hide,
We wall them off,
We turn and scoff,
Losing friends before we’ve made them,
When will we learn,
We should not burn,
Our bridges before we build them,
How to proceed,
There is a need,
Another way to get there,
We should all speak,
Because we’re all unique,
We all stand on our own high peak,
Shake up the quo,
Remake the flow,
That is the only way we grow,

The network of,
Passion and love,
Should be the path to get up above,
We need a guide,
A map inside,
That will bring us all together,
Until we do,
We shall accrue,
Entropic debt,
That can’t be met,
Without finding someone whose ideas we get,
Complementarily contributing to our collective content,
Grasping the issues and ideas that we meant,
So our sharing of resources has positive gain,
And our progress shall forever remain,

And our progress shall forever remain.
-Aaron E-J

Nobody Was Created Equal

Nobody was created equal,
Everyone is unique,
And they seek,
To iron out every peak,
Like statistics on a chart,
People have a heart,
But up and down,
Is not left and right
Black and white,
We cannot fight,
One nation – many people,
Unity, unity is uniformity not,
Multiplicity yes,
Singularity no,
A binary path,
Is not the way we should go,
People in the system of a corporate control,
Have little to say in what they do, how they grow,
To hegemonic hierarchy, we must say NO!
Every person has ideals,
Wants, pleas, and appeals,
But this hides, it conceals,
They say competition breeds much success,
But in many this comes with considerable duress,
We don’t need to fight,
There is room to unite
– compete the unknown,
But still come together so the answers can been shown,
When the issue is quite clear,
But the solution far from near,
There is no reason to have fear,
If we work on what comes dear,
With a focus on substance, and our approach
Not the rhetoric bickering that leads to reproach,
Working together, despite a divide,
Trying to put our difference aside,
Means that the outcome has nothing to hide,
And when the solutions have been realized,
We will have revolutionized,
The way we think and act as a whole,
So that the future is in our control,
The collective uniqueness of a soul,
Who’s purpose and mission is shared in a goal,
To unite around difference, so life can proceed,
Without the tension of conflicting need.
-Aaron E-J