Hampshire first years have arrived,
As they settle in,
We go great them,
Help move them here,
And all this does entail,
Great big boxes,
Four flights of stairs,
Time goes to a crawl,
But its fun to see,
These bright new faces,
Yearning to learn,
Learning to thrive,
Thriving to seek,
This knowledge and skill,
And then to apply them,
In project format,
This is their division III.
-Aaron E-J

The rain beats hard,
On this old tin roof,
As I sit and watch it fall,
When it lets up,
I do not know,
It’s supposed to go for days,
So I sit and look,
At this soggy lawn,
And go to write instead.
-Aaron E-J

Big pie,
Ask why?
Do we eat,
What taste’s sweet,
When it is somewhat bad,
To choose truffles over scad,
A small fish to be had,
At dinner with dad.
-Aaron E-J who needs to broaden his poetry repertoire

Oh geezey wheezey’s, this is like the latest greatest thing to hit the eastern seaboard since the 1970’s
-Aaron E-J