Fighting with a banking service– no wait, one should never fight


Fighting – no wait, one should never fight – getting annoyed at then the fact that to sign up for a banking service takes weeks to process even though I don’t have weeks, you’d think they would want your money…; doing my taxes; writing a review of some battery website so that I can maybe get $30 towards a new battery charger because the one I got doesn’t have a way of converting the plug directly to DC input (erg); dealing with my website hosting company if I have enough time, either that or adding programs to my new palm so that I can read the thousands of pages on info relevant to my PC Zambia service in the CD I got….

Third to last pancake breakfast for 2+ years


Third to last pancake breakfast for 2+ years; working on my website; just making sure that I’m going to be able to charge my laptop using the solar panel I got and the DC to AC inverter (I’m pretty sure it works, at least when I have the laptop turned off); more web stuff; something either reading about the Zambian Economy or something on my list of things to do….

Working on turning into a photo album

Working on turning into a photo album of the roughly 1500 photos I’ve taken until now and the thousands of photos I hope to take while I’m in Zambia. Only potential problem is that I might run out of my allotted space on the server I have my site on, but I’ll address that issue when/if it arises. Cleaning the bathroom (boy I’ll be glad when I don’t have to do that… [Although I’ll probably have to clean the hole in the ground {eew?}]); A short hike with my pack on; something either consisting of learning how to use my new phone, reading about how to improve the Zambian economy, or more website stuff…<

On this last day of January 2008…

On this last day of January 2008 I am doing my usually morning routine, then doing some things online. After having eaten lunch I am looking into having one of my parents sign-able as an “attorney in fact”… in fact while I’m away in Zambia so they can deal with financial stuff that may arise. Going for another walk with my internal frame backpack, then working on my website for the rest of the night (with dinner somewhere in there).

Riding my bike around five miles and not leaving the backroom of my house…


Riding my bike around five miles and not leaving the backroom of my house (while reading Peace Corps stuff); working on ” “; working on my photo album (I have approx. 1500 photos so it’s taking awhile); reading a book on the economy of Zambia….


So, on this last day of the year 2007, I have begun, (or re-begun) my journal writing (I had to keep a journal for an acting class I took back in fall 2006… and I guess I needed to keep a journal for a writing and poetry class I had in high school…) adventure. Right now it might not be every day, (don’t have a ton of stuff to write about right now) but I thought I’d begin now in preparation for my departure to Zambia with the Peace Corps.

So so, this morning I rode an exercise bike I got from the dump a couple weeks back and listened to podcasts. Then I packaged up some books that I sold on Amazon, ate brunch and walked down to the post office to deliver the books I had packed up via media mail. I got to the post office only to found out that it had closed at 12. On the off chance that the one in Pine Meadow would be open I walked over there but to no avail. At least I got more exerciseJ. I had to do some chores (clean the bathroom and do some laundry) and this brings me to the present tense, where I started writing my entry for today because I needed to refresh the wireless IP address (AT&T two-wire routers suck).

So, so, so… (so?) I think I have a connection now so I will very soon bring this first journal entry to a close. I will then probably order another small (in size and not capacity) external hard drive and a solar panel both to take with me (Although I need to be careful not to have these first-world things not alienate me from my community in Zambia). Then dinner and new years eave party the rest of the night.


Reading about pond construction; doing research into things to take to Zambia; going to REA to look at a sleeping pad and internal frame backpacks; dinner; hopefully playing the game “octi” that I gave my sister for Christmas with my family; bed

(note, I’ve decided to post things I’m doing on this blog. Right now it’s probably fairly boring but when I go to Zambia it get more interesting)