On this last day of January 2008…

On this last day of January 2008 I am doing my usually morning routine, then doing some things online. After having eaten lunch I am looking into having one of my parents sign-able as an “attorney in fact”… in fact while I’m away in Zambia so they can deal with financial stuff that may arise. Going for another walk with my internal frame backpack, then working on my website for the rest of the night (with dinner somewhere in there).

Riding my bike around five miles and not leaving the backroom of my house…


Riding my bike around five miles and not leaving the backroom of my house (while reading Peace Corps stuff); working on ” http://www.prospectdesigns.com “; working on my photo album (I have approx. 1500 photos so it’s taking awhile); reading a book on the economy of Zambia….

I have spent quite a bit of money over the last few days…


I have spent quite a bit of money over the last few days buying things for Zambia. It’s kind of ironic that I probably will have spent more money on things I need/want then most Zambians earn in a year. Hopefully these things can act as an investment which pays off by better being able to help strengthen the rural economy in the country I will be spending the next two+ years.

Last night I had nshima and beef stew which was actually pretty good together, although nshima by itself is going to take some getting used to (rather bland). For desert we added a little brown sugar to the nshima and that was good as well.

Today started with work at “the shack” (Radio Shack) in which I bought a DC to AC converter for my solar panel and a shortwave/FM/AM portable radio. Coming home I ordered some more rechargeable batteries and a battery charger that changes individual batteries. I hopefully will have a little time to rework my blog in prep for my departure for Zambia.

Well today started off with me getting my solar panel…


Well today started off with me getting my solar panel (Solaris 26 watt Foldable Solar Array from http://www.olympiccampinggear.com ) which I think is going to work well, I set it up to change some batteries and it seemed to be working although the skies clouded over so the charging was going somewhat slowly. I worked on updating http://www.prospectdesigns.com for a few hours, then went up to Northampton to return my sister to Smith and to look at backpacks at a camping supply store there. I got the Kelly Redcloud 6650, which I hope is comfortable. When I got home I saw that the mail had not been gotten so I went to grab it. We almost needed a bigger mail box because there was a ton of mail and so I didn’t notice that one of the packages was from the Peace Corps and had my staging info. I will be going to Washington D.C. for in-country training and need to call to get my tickets tomorrow. I also got an email saying that I need to fax a copy of my diploma to Zambia, which I will do tonight. Tomorrow it’s a hike with my new backpack, hopefully time to put in a couple hours of web design before I have to go to work at “The Shack.”

Work; walking to Blimpies for lunch because my manager gave all her employees gift cards to said food preparation facility; walking to Dick’s Sporting Goods to look at backpacks and other things; going home and doing something [other than nothing of course]…
Working on photo album some more then going to REI again to look at packs and other things: more photo album then TMTV (tuna melts and TV, about the only time we watch TV [and this event does not happen often])…

My country ’tis of thee,
Once land of liberty,
Of thee I sing,
Land where more sons have died,
Out of this blinding pride,
How many times we cried:
Make freedom ring!

My native country, thee,
Our land comes at a fee,
Where do our taxes go,
Far from our native hills,
To Middle Eastern bills,
My heart with growing chills,
Wants this to change.

Let music swell the breeze
And ring from all the trees,
A song that will just seize,
All peoples needed pleas,
Let voices ring aloud,
What they have just avowed,
Sing true and strong.

A song shall always be,
A song of liberty,
Which we can sing.
It should be very bright,
Look in a brand new light,
Then with a great delight,
Change will have come.
-Aaron E-J