Nobody Was Created Equal

Nobody was created equal,
Everyone is unique,
And they seek,
To iron out every peak,
Like statistics on a chart,
People have a heart,
But up and down,
Is not left and right
Black and white,
We cannot fight,
One nation – many people,
Unity, unity is uniformity not,
Multiplicity yes,
Singularity no,
A binary path,
Is not the way we should go,
People in the system of a corporate control,
Have little to say in what they do, how they grow,
To hegemonic hierarchy, we must say NO!
Every person has ideals,
Wants, pleas, and appeals,
But this hides, it conceals,
They say competition breeds much success,
But in many this comes with considerable duress,
We don’t need to fight,
There is room to unite
– compete the unknown,
But still come together so the answers can been shown,
When the issue is quite clear,
But the solution far from near,
There is no reason to have fear,
If we work on what comes dear,
With a focus on substance, and our approach
Not the rhetoric bickering that leads to reproach,
Working together, despite a divide,
Trying to put our difference aside,
Means that the outcome has nothing to hide,
And when the solutions have been realized,
We will have revolutionized,
The way we think and act as a whole,
So that the future is in our control,
The collective uniqueness of a soul,
Who’s purpose and mission is shared in a goal,
To unite around difference, so life can proceed,
Without the tension of conflicting need.
-Aaron E-J

Huygens Principle in My Mind

Ideas flow faster,
Than they can come out,
Every note, every voice, every thought in my mind,
Is Huygens Principle in the air,
Is a ripple in space and time,
The more data that it carries,
The less distance that it goes;
And the more, and the more, and the more…. and the less I can remember,
It needs added communication,
Due to spatial subsummation,
Every crest in a wave makes the current less concave,
Makes my thoughts more complex to the point of reflex,
But this still does forestall my skill to recall,
It needs a boost, or a jog, a relay in the way,
That we do need convey,
What we think, must revise,
Our every action…
For the friction of our function without flexion is a lie,
Without switching up or routing down the path ahead is bleak,
External input is required to keep performance at its peak,
But symbiosis can be hard to come by…
We default to the quickest path,
Unless this means a lot of math,
And sometimes the road ahead is not clear.
As complexity just starts to mount,
With so many things you cannot count,
The buffer flows less freely over this stream.
This makes for a need for more control,
A check in every balance beam,
That goes out into the air,
To take the time – to look and see,
Whether we all care.
– Aaron E-J

The Rise of the Mediocre Meritocracy

The Rise of the Mediocre Meritocracy

The problem with a meritocracy is;
It caters to those already with this knowledge and skill,
While the potential minds of the undereducated majority,
Forced to be unmotivated because of the need to lose the competitive game,
Forced to be complacent so that those with the right kind of knowledge can stay in academic power,
While the real power lies in those who seize the reins and lock the chains but don’t know where go,
The plutocrat rule by the ill-informed,
Led on by the backlash of the forces of those we’ve deemed deplorable,
The outcast on the inside of the direction we must not go,
While those trapped in the ivory tower are arising new ideas out of meritocratic incest,

But there must be another way that leads to pedagogically pluripotent progress,
Instead of the institutionalized packaging of pedantically prosaic people,
Who can think only in the lines that will get them the grade or grant because they have time for nothing else,
A heterarchical collaboration of distal ideas is a better model to base our future,
Because the sum of many values is always greater than an ideal being is torn asunder,
As long as the negative vibes of many conflictions are inverted and made to see the light of the other,
And once and a while, oneself is the other and the other must come to terms with the prospect that the differing views of the many may lead to better outcomes for the many.

The problem is, the ideas of the many, which lead to the better outcomes for the many, may not lead to better outcomes for you,
Just because the idea is good, does not mean the idea is also sound,
And just because the idea is sound, does not mean the idea is also good,
And an idea, is just an idea, is just an idea, is just an idea that will remain just an idea until action is taken,
And some actions, most actions, require outside support,
Require input and output and throughput and thought,
That many people, just don’t got,
Don’t have the skill, the will, the way, the means,
To follow through – the roads are blocked,
Because the plutocrats made a door, that’s locked,
And people forget,
Of the unwilling sacrifice that makes ivory be so white.
To make the tower that billions are turned away from, because the majority of people are in a minority,
And these unconnected many, have no voice.
– Aaron E-J

Here there be dragons

Here there be dragons,
I say, I think, I hope, I know,
For this is the power of imagination,
A power not of 1, or 2, or 3, or 4, or 11,
But one that bridges the gap between the known and the unknown,
Between certainty and uncertainty,
Between you and me and us and them and everything else that lives and wants to live,
Here we are –
Where we go,
I can only imagine.
-Aaron E-J

Lost in the haze of coffee gone cold…

Lost in the haze of coffee gone cold…
Why can you not be here?
Near to where the apex of summation of cognition and bliss,
Where the setting sun meets with me and the music flows free from the hands of someone else,
…for someone else,
With every intention, but none towards me,
While the pent up burning of a fossil so cruel,
Its pressure bound to hieratical rule,
And the rungs of the ladder have long gone away,
Replaced with nothing but ambiguity and rhetoric,
While every act of good intention goes unheard,
Lost in the haze of coffee gone cold,
When the adrenaline starts to wane,
But the oxytocin of men giving birth to ill thought out apotheosis,
Hits head on with reality.
Then the beating drum goes quiet,
And you begin your next day, your next year, your next life,
Right where you left off,
No better, no worse, no fucking different than any other day.
That's why.
The question is as obvious as the answer to yesterday's logic,
But yesterday's logic is far too simplistic as the future I seek,
Where we meet will be determined by when we meet,
Who we meet though, is what is boring a hole in my soul.
Even though I have the power to set the parameters,
It is that I have set the bars,
Too high to reach,
But too strong to break…
That is why…
That is why.
–Aaron E-J

I’m speaking to a crowd of no people

I’m speaking to a crowd of no people,
I’m singing out my wordless tune,
My songs flow out through my hand to my keys,
Because there they can take all the time that they please,

But this era of typing aphasia,
That plagues my every idea,
Of misspelling my thoughts through the lens of my brain,
Where connections are needed for friendship to gain,
This world of unknown connections,
To people who seem to care,
Looks like a trap to a false sense of closeness,
When really they hide, an internal grossness,

But, I’m speaking to a crowd of no people,
I’m singing out my wordless tune,
My songs flow out through my hand to my keys,
Because there they can take all the time that they please,

Like p, np, and politics,
The two sides of my brain can’t liaise,
And the umpteenth word not remembered or stuttered,
Results in great plans I have that get shuttered,
But at every turn, every small line of progress,
Entropy sweeps me away,
When all I need to succeed is one big success,
One thing to go right, without all the stress,
That happens when being all cooped up in your thoughts,
Unable to form into words,
When the only solace I can find,
Are my laptop and my mind,

Because I’m speaking to a crowd of no people,
I’m singing out my wordless tune,
My songs flow out through my hand to my keys,
Because there they can take all the time that they please,

I need to reach out to find someone,
Someone who has setbacks, like me,
Who can talk through their mouth but prefers to sing,
And has countless ideas, to which they cling,
Hoping and trying but never achieving,
Because they are a lot like me,
So I’m speaking to a crowd, to find people,
People with unique ideas,
Who’ve faced up to the challenge, all on their own,
Who’ve done many things, but their wish stays unknown,
And the implications of this pent up passion,
Unplacated because we’re paying to be poor,
But praying to be more,
So I’m singing out my wordless tune,
And I hope you hear my song.
-Aaron E-J

The genuflection of regeneration without regard to the lives we want to lead

You think you know all men?
You think all men are selfish bastards, who pick up women like the husks of empty passion,
And discard them the moment they are full of the shallow culture “all men” flaunt.
I’ll tell you the truth,
The truth is, you categorize to simplify,
Men are people first; we wade in shallow feelings when they reflect the reaction to your eyes,
If the man you seek discards you, maybe you should reflect upon them too.
Yes, we come from an unscrupulous past, Machiavellian was right,
But this does not mean he is right, or that our change will lead to a dishonest future.
But who am I to judge the feelings of the complexity of love,
What bases of experience can you say I have to preach upon a choir when I am agnostic to the pander that you play,
The genuflection of regeneration without regard to the lives we want to lead,
The higher power I seek is not simply the addition of like terms,
It is for the sum to be greater than that which came before,
For our combined abilities to complement, not contradict,

I’m not gay,
I’m not straight,
I’m not bi,
The only line I see is the one looking at you,
I love people, not women, not men,
And my hormones, my genes, my race, my body, my sex do not make me, me,
I make me, me,
So let’s cut this crap about gender,
About fitting people in,
About leaving people out,
There is an inherent uncertainty that exists between us all,
The need to stare, third eye to third eye, instead of looking the other way,
Gleam meaning beyond the face you’ve seen before,
It’s hard, I know from experience,
Just as hard as it is for one to see themselves as what they are to others,
And the fear that they are nothing to someone else,
Eats at you until the insincerity is too much,
And you give in to the shallow feeling because the eyes can be deceiving,
And the truth is never cut and dry.
The truth, honestly, is just another simplification.
-Aaron E-J

Skinny Dipping

Diving down into the epidermisVisual of the epidermis

Well were off to the good old epidermal race,
On the top there’s… what appears to be dead skin cells filled with keratin,
These bygone keratin filled epidermal skin cells make up an outer Stratum called the corneum,
The stratum corneum is fairly superficial, however and often can be seen sloughing off this mortal coil to travel the winds and bring new begins, sometimes good but often ill.
Despite the fierce external forces that play upon these cells, the 15-30 layers stand this test of strength due to the super power of keratinization that prevents these forces from entering by ordinary means.
When these trite actions do not suffice however, as is so often the case in hand and foot, the stratum lucidum comes into play.
This flat layer keeps liquid out of the body through many dense lipid proteins called eleiden.
After going this far down in the race, it is time for some wholesome stratum granulosum!
About 3 -5 layers think, the stratum granulosum is what really churns out the proteins keratin and keratohyalin while saying good bye to the other cellular organelles,
Therefore, stratum granulosum is really the undertaker of the integumentary system,
But once filled up with granulosum that made the end to oh so many nuclei, we must proceed to the Stratum Spinosum!
At the stratum spinosum is the joining together of cells through the great structure of the name Desmosomes which interlocks and strengthen the bonds between the cells throughout.
Joined together, the stratum spinosum is the foe of many a foreign source or cell gone bad because of the interspersion of the mighty Langerhans cell.
These Langerhans that fight intruders do so like their white knights companions in blood, as macrophages that engulf bacteria and other evil forces that plague the epidermis.
As we near the end of this exhilarating race, we must come to where it all began – The Stratum Basale!
Unlike the herbal companion that usurped its name when said aloud, the stratum basale cannot photosensitize light,
None the less, this cuboidal-shaped stem cell is a precursor to much of the keratinocytes that make skin, skin; all from a single cellular layer.
But the basal cells are not the only cells in this important layer, there are two more which disperse themselves throughout the stratum basale,
A stimulating time can be had with the Merkel cell as this is the source for touch,
To add a little color to the layer, the melanocyte is used and also protects the integumentary system from the irradiating forces of UV light.
And so, thus ends the race, at long last, where we may wind down our palpitating hearts by meandering though the basement membrane.
While we’re there, we must wonder at the fingerlike projections called dermal papillae,
The more numinous these pillars of support for the epidermis are, the stronger the connection is that binds the layers together, never to be forgotten.

-Aaron E-J

Cloud computing is an ancient art

Cloud computing is an ancient art,
First mastered by the bats in the sky,
Their encoding is masterful, subtle and strong,
And safe because of its age
Our analog analogy we see as unsound,
But the truth is we need it to have it make sense,
As brains run this old program, and do it quite well,
So well that in fact we have lost its source code,
And have invented numerical systems instead,
In our quest to regain this old skill.
What the bats and the sharks and dolphins and bees,
All remember and use to their gain,
Is that the flaw in a digit is it’s finite nature,
That a bit is a bit and nothing more,
But it’s analog meaning that we use in our brain,
Has infinite complexity.
-Aaron E-J