Why are you fighting in this war,
It only makes them bomb you more,
Two wrongs do not make right,
They only make us stand and fight.
To end the evil that plagues us now,
Own up for what we disavow,
Try to see the other side,
So that more people haven’t died,
We need to always realize,
That if we can compromise,
And not impose just our belief,
We will not face nearly the grief,
Before we tip beyond correction,
Instead can move the right direction,
The change will come in leaps in bounds,
When no one sticks to just their grounds,
Collaboration shall take place,
And what remains will fill the space,
With hope and love,
With branch and dove,
And not this pointless war.
-Aaron E-J

Because 12 inches is a foot to far,
English measurement is so bizarre,
The world laughs at how dumb we are,
Even though we think we’re class,
We really have the foot up our ass…
-Not the best rhyme, can someone else do better?
-Aaron E-J