Chapter 1 – The Gathering of the Players

I appeared on a new land, a new realm – without anything save what I had in my pockets. I don’t know why, but I had been expecting this for some time. One minute I had been sitting in my kitchen, eating breakfast; the next I was standing in the middle of a small clearing in what appeared to be a vast forest made of ancient trees. It was the trees that made me sure I was not on the same planet – there all the old trees had been cut down long ago – the trees and the air, which could only be described as magic or like I was in the midst of a fairy tail.

I just realized why I went to Hampshire… because it doesn’t have tests. Of course, you might not learn anything in the classes, so you need to take classes at the other Colleges, which have do tests, I will have two tests next week, and therefore I must study.

I am trying to make my dreams become a reality. Unfortunately some people’s dreams are my nightmares, and most peoples dreams are a fog concealing a perilous route. But some day the fog will clear and the traveling will be easier. I await that day with much anticipation.