Paper is so pointless,
Why do you need to print?
When you can just compose email,
And save those trees and ink.
The fact that teachers request paper,
Is annoying to no end,
They do this just enough so that,
Your cartridge does go dry,
And when you need to print again,
You have to clean the head,
Consume much ink,
This has to do,
And when it does get clean,
The paper jams,
Press print again,
Is the necessary task,
Guzzling more ink yet still,
Oh, how I like email.
-Aaron E-J

Water bottle, water bottle,
You seem to be so wet.
Over priced, I never buy,
Instead just go refill,
So when my thirst,
Is very keen,
I only need unscrew,
Then drink till thirst,
Has been dampened,
Then continue on will I,
And when there is a spigot near,
Refill I need to do,
So that my thirst,
Is never strong,
And my health will stay with me.
-Aaron E-J

The greater complex is never predicted by those who spend there time looking at the individual parts. It is only those who grasp the larger picture, qualify the quantitative and put numbers to that which seems numberless that grasp the larger sense of the world. They begin with a solid base and methodically build from there. A tree without ample support falls in a storm. A tree too rigid falls in a storm. A tree too bendable gets crushed in a storm. A tree which grows too slow wilts to competition. It is only those that meet all aspects equally that can succeed.
-Aaron E-J