Although odds are insurmountable,
As the flow of time goes past,
I look ahead, and see the glint,
Of small hope that may be there,
Even though I am but one,
This means that I can move,
Throughout the nooks,
And crannies near,
Wiggle slowly though,
And when I get to clearer ground,
That’s when I’ll start to grow,
Building at the bottom up,
I’ll craft a solid base,
Then gather up so many strong,
And accelerate at full,
This day is coming sometime soon,
I think I hope, it will,
-Aaron E-J

And orange is a fruit

And orange is a fruit,
That should be eaten every day,
They have dietary fiber,
That makes stomachs feel all keen,
The vitamins found in them,
(The most prevalent is C)
Make you function at your best,
So you ace that real big test,
Potassium is high,
So I needn’t tell a lie,
They make the blood flow strong,
So you can’t prove me wrong,
Eat an orange every meal,
Even though they’re hard to peal,
And you will rarely have a cold,
But instead grow very old!
-Aaron E-J

My shuffle has just shuffled off,
And now it won’t turn on,
This is the second one that’s failed,
And it hurts me ever so,
To have to workout with no sound,
Just isn’t quite the same,
So call I will, tomorrow day,
And go and rant and rave,
Request repair I couldn’t do,
Because the website’s down,
I don’t know when this will be fixed,
But I hope it’s very soon.
-Aaron E-J

The mod’s all here,
My room’s set up,
And now just one more day,
Till classes start,
And I take heart,
In learning once again.

There’s much to do,
Papers to write,
And projects need commence,
It will be fun,
I do have one more year,
Then I go and graduate,
I’m really on my own,
I’ll start my biz,
Or get a job,
Do something making dough,
Fortune fame – luck and health,
So I can make my place,
In this realm called Earth,
I’ll make it right,
Then start on something new,
What this is,
I do not know,
But it better be as fun!
-Aaron E-J