I am home for the holidays,
Don’t know when I will be back,
Gonna go buy some things,
For my family,
Then we will gather ’round,
Singing all the Christmas cheers,
Dancing in the snow and playing games,
Thus when we all get done,
And when they have to go,
That – is – when – I’ll – leave.
-Aaron E-J

Tell me everything.

Everything is nothing but nothing is something. (this is not true that everything is nothing, but it is true that nothing is something. If you look at it in a certain light, nothing is impossible, but if you do not have nothing, and don’t have everything else, than you have a paradox, or as i like to put it, a duck)
-Aaron E-J
On a dissimilar light, check out this link: http://www.commondreams.org/headlines04/1106-30.htm

Here I am not,

Here I am not,
This month of the year,
This time in the world,
When heredum is theredum,
And wheredum is boredom,
And when you just want to say:

Why did this whole world just decided to screw up?
What are we all gonna do?
Should we stand up and fight?
Should we sit and stay still?
Or are these just more of the same?

I think if we do,
Do something that’s fun,
It will make people realize,
That things should be taken,
Just a little more lightly,
And that we should look more,
At none other than others,
For help in this world,
For they may just want some of the same.
-Aaron E-J