So much I should have done,
So much I didn’t do,
So much ahead of me,
Where will time go?

In this short space of time,
Finite can be achieved,
The best that we can hope,
Is for success,

But what I want to think,
Is that we can control,
What we will try to do,
In one sort space,

Some spacing is for long,
Some time is really short,
But when we know its length,
We can proceed,

To try and carry out,
The task we hope to do,
The charge which we do place,
On to our selves,

Through math and randomness,
Through which we interact,
Forward is where we move,
Achieving goals,

These goals become the blocks,
From which we build our life,
Work to improve our skills,
So we can learn,

Time is a moving spiral,
That we create through life,
When we do interact,
Our essence forms.
-Aaron E-J

Refills expired,
Action required,
How do we get it now?
Probably there’s paperwork,
Which means it takes some time,
To do the things that are needed,
And get the order filled,
Arg how I can’t stand paperwork,
Who invented it was dumb,
It probably was the government,
They never get things done.
-Aaron E-J