I’m tired,
I’m sleepy,
I feel I need rest,
I want to go to bed,
But there’s much to do,
And people to see,
The list just goes on,
The fact that I’m tired,
Is a quandary at best,
And it needs to leave,
But as sit here writing and sleeping,
And delaying what I should do,
I sink deeper and deeper,
Into the huge hole,
That a poet can only get free.
-Aaron E-J

Oh muffin,
Oh muffin,
Oh mister old muffin,
You look ever so fine,
You are made out of dough,
That is careful stirred,
Until the materials bake.
Oh how it seems,
To take so long,
For them to get quite brown,
But when they do,
And out they come,
The taste can never be topped.
-Aaron E-J

Can I do it?
Yes I can,
How is the only factor I know,
And even though this factor is large,
Not doing it is much worse,
So plugging along,
Is what I must do,
Until I get some results,
Burt out I will try,
To never be,
And a smile I will always have,
Until I get where I’m going,
Then I’ll stop and look back,
And see as to all that I’ve done.
Aaron E-J

What people need to hear,
Oh so loud and clear,
Is that we don’t drink much bear,
For our form of cheer,
-Aaron E-J

Projects are peachy,
When they have some use,
No mater what it’s for,
They are the best way of learning,
If you do ask me,
But when the projects have too many rules,
They tend to not be fun,
And fun is the purpose of learning and life,
It is why we do what we do,
So always look for the light in the game,
And play it with all it’s worth.
-Aaron E-J