I have made the realization,
That I need some motivation,
To keep me plugging along,
On this winding path,
That I know is never ending,
But I wish it would stop bending,
So I could complete a given task,
Without the hindrance of a mask,
Which are the shrouds,
That always clouds,
The road ahead,
And makes the driving hard,
Sometimes you want to fly,
Up above the cloudy sky,
But not having any wings,
Makes you look for other things,
That will take you up out,
Of this place that makes you pout.
-Aaron E-J

It’s a snowing,
It’s a blowing,
And there is no school.
So what to do today you say?
Where to go when it does snow,
But to hills we take,
And make the day a sledding day,
Just like I want to do.
But when there are those other things,
That make us stay indoors,
We waste our time,
All cooped inside,
And never have the fun.
I’ll make the time,
To go outside,
And find the joy in snow
-Aaron E-J

It’s where were at,
That does not move,
Even when we try,
It sits and stays,
And sleeps for days,
And if we even try to start a game,
Of chance or chess,
It is a mess,
That sense does never make.
Aaron E-J