You are so stupid,

You are so stupid,
You ignorant bit,
You start wars that kill thousands,
You start wars that cost billions,
And now that the war is over America doesn’t care,
That you have killed all these people, and broken your allies,

Now why does America still think you so good?
The media’s still in your hand that’s why.
With Fox being so republican it can make liberals cry,
And having NBC in your pocket,

Now the only means of getting (semi) good news,
Is to listen to NPR*,
But their radio signal goes not above 90’s,
And 90’s do not play rap,
So only People in there 90’s (or somewhere in there,)
Listen to NPR.

You almost single handedly brought down the economy,
And blamed it on September Eleventh as did you the war,
And yet you give back money to the wealthy republicans.
Hey, they like you.

In making your lies and braking your ties,
You have caused the world to hate you.

George W. Bush,
I will, single handedly if needed,
Bring you down as you brought down Saddam,
But I will not kill to get there.

*and BBC
-Aaron E-J

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