My golly was there a lot of commercials

Today I was off on yet another one of my journeys. I made a late start because I had to put in a load of laundry, you can be the most powerful person in the universe but you still need to do laundry. (Actually maybe they higher someone to do it, but that’s unethical, to say the least) Anyway, I was talking about what I did today. Well when I was done with my morning chores I headed off into the outdoors, and was amazed at how brilliant blue the sky was. But I did not have time to dilly dally looking at anything. I went strait for the east side of a town in the outskirts of s bigger town (some even call it a city) with the hopes of kvetching the renown Norwegian pool player. You see, he had really racked up a big debt buying sandwiches at the local delicatessen, always hoping to lull the other competitors with good food and then catch them off guard. It would have worked if he were a good pool player. You see, in Norway, no one plays pool; it’s all about the shuffle board, probably due to the amount of ice they had lying around. But here in this part of the world, it’s all about pool. And so desperate, he had started to take to stealing eight balls. Without the winning ball, he could take all night to set up a shot.
I hung around for a while but it looked like today would be a no show, so after a day of disappointment, I went back to my dormitory, remembering to get my cloths (which by now were all piled up in a ball on the floor) fixed a big boll of pesto and sat down to watch the Simpson’s. My golly was there a lot of commercials.
-Aaron E-J

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