Is randomness random?
I think it is,
But how can you prove,
What you do believe,
When the answer,
To a question,
That no one has asked,
Is not something you know?
The way you find out,
Is to ask it yourself,
And then it will come out clear,
And if someone agrees,
To the translation of you,
Than you may just have a friend.
I have asked my question,
But no one’s replied,
And so,
Lonely I stay.
I will not give up,
For the answer is clear,
And many still remain,
I will search them out,
I will try to find,
Everyone who does agree,
Whether it be few,
Or many (I hope),
Still remains to be seen,
But in the end,
I know there will be one,
Who meshes ever so well.
-Aaron E-J

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