I headed off to my Acting one class. There we worked on finding the dramatic self – the good verses evil in all of us. The majority of the class was spent with the professor telling us a story where we were walking in the woods. It first started out marry, with me walking in a familiar woods. I envisioned that I was walking in the MDC woods in New Hartford. I envisioned that the essence of my perfect friend had appeared beside me and that we were in almost ecstasy. It then began to rain, and the woods soon became unfamiliar and daunting. We huddled close together in fear that we would loose each other, and crawled threw the sodden copse, the trees growing ever closer. Suddenly there came a rustling in the brush nearby. Some large animal was out there. We stood still for a while, then, the beast not wandering off; we decided to see whether we could call it off. It did not appear to work at first, but then the fiend slowly became more and more faint. Then they, the fiends who wanted only for us to be in utter misery descended upon my friend. We struggled, but in vain. Slowly, in utter remorse as to the joy that could have been, I wept and felt the life blood slipping faintly away. Time passed, and it did come to pass that, one warm spring I felt a faint twinge of feeling somewhere deep in memory past, of a time when all was well, and friends and loved ones abounded much. Slowly this feeling swept over me, and finally I had a new sense of resolve that live must carry on, and that want once was, may still be, all that is needed is perseverance. The class then went back to the present tense and we discussed what we had field during the adventure. Then class ended and I lost my hat. Hopefully I can find it next Wednesday.
-Aaron E-J

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