Is entrepreneurship for you,
When the world is just a zoo,
Well if you don’t know what to do,
Than I say to you: poo poo,
But if you have what it takes,
And if your back never breaks,
Then maybe no one ever makes,
What you want to sell,
So what the hell,
Why that’s just swell,
You want to do so very well,
But it is not easy being born with luck,
Most people only grovel in the damp old muck,
And don’t have money, when they need just a buck,
If they had that little cash,
They’d get rich in a dash,
Or else they would stash,
All their coins in a flash,
For fear of back lash,
Thinking it is only rash,
To spend money? That’s just brash,
But what they don’t really know,
Is that they only need to go,
Where their heart will never part,
This will be really smart,
Getting there is just an art.
-Aaron E-J

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