So, on this last day of the year 2007, I have begun, (or re-begun) my journal writing (I had to keep a journal for an acting class I took back in fall 2006… and I guess I needed to keep a journal for a writing and poetry class I had in high school…) adventure. Right now it might not be every day, (don’t have a ton of stuff to write about right now) but I thought I’d begin now in preparation for my departure to Zambia with the Peace Corps.

So so, this morning I rode an exercise bike I got from the dump a couple weeks back and listened to podcasts. Then I packaged up some books that I sold on Amazon, ate brunch and walked down to the post office to deliver the books I had packed up via media mail. I got to the post office only to found out that it had closed at 12. On the off chance that the one in Pine Meadow would be open I walked over there but to no avail. At least I got more exerciseJ. I had to do some chores (clean the bathroom and do some laundry) and this brings me to the present tense, where I started writing my entry for today because I needed to refresh the wireless IP address (AT&T two-wire routers suck).

So, so, so… (so?) I think I have a connection now so I will very soon bring this first journal entry to a close. I will then probably order another small (in size and not capacity) external hard drive and a solar panel both to take with me (Although I need to be careful not to have these first-world things not alienate me from my community in Zambia). Then dinner and new years eave party the rest of the night.

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