Well, I’m beginning to do more then just get my garden started

Well, I’m beginning to do more then just get my garden started; I’ve started to get the ball up and running on an idea I’ve had for a while of bringing internet to schools. I typed up a one page proposal that basically is just my thoughts on what I’m interested in doing and why I think it’s a good idea and it has gotten good feedback so far, next step is to bring it to the provincial level. Grasshoppers have eaten most of my beets which is discouraging but I finally got some tephrosia (it’s a tree which is a natural pesticide) leaves and soaked them in water over night, then pored this water over the plants. Not sure whether it worked because the damage was pretty much already done. I am definitely getting a paraffin (kerosene) stove when I’m in Chipata because I’m really tired of having to wait an hour to get (sometimes) boiling water, but I’m really glad I don’t need to start it from scratch every time because I can usually get coals from my host family. Oh the address where you can send things to is: Box 520103 Chadiza, Zambia

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