Well, I finally found an internet connection in Chadiza!

Well, I finally found an internet connection in Chadiza which I can actually use my laptop to connect, although I just realized that I can probably do the same in the PCPH. This means that I will finally be able to start doing research into my internet in rural schools idea. It also means I will be able to blog more often which is goodJ. Monday my LIFE coordinator/leader/adviser (the PC term is APCD) and PC provincial leader will be coming to see how I’m doing and to stay overnight, I hope they bring at least one tent because my house is really crowded with junk and I only have one very small tent. It rained yesterday which never happens in June… global warming my host Atate says. Well I have to make this short because I need to get on the rode so I can get back before it gets dark. Zikomo!

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