Thursday was a good day all in all.

Thursday was a good day all in all. The morning wasn’t that productive, a couple of volunteers and I were going to meet with a LIFE trainer at 9:00 but realized he was on leave, not in his office. But I texted him and he said he would come to the PC house in the afternoon. Then I spent a long time trying to find a shop I had been in twice before but it took me about an hour and a half to two hours to track the place down. Bought another pot and a good thermos. Then I went looking for broad band internet and that’s when my day got better. Yesterday when I was at immigrations renewing my visa I asked the lady stamping my passport whether she new of anywhere that had high speed internet. She gave me an office number and that was the first place I went. They did have broad band, but only for corporate clients so they directed me to another office down a narrow alleyway and up some stairs. They said that they had Wi-Fi that covered most of Chipata which somewhat blew me away, only drawback was that you needed to pay 20 pin for 100mbs, but it’s still the cheapest way I’ve found so far. The power promptly went out so I was unable to try it out. Next thing to do is to find grant money to get this service done in the schools in Chadiza so that will be something I’m doing a little research on. Then pa 14:30 I the PST LIFE tech trainer came in a mini-bus his family owns and took us to his house and gave us coffee and sweetbread and we had a nice conversation. When I got back I found I was unable to receive Wi-Fi service at the PCPH but I went back to the office where I had paid for the service and was able to download an update to my antivirus in 10 minutes that had been still downloading via dialup after more the 4 or 5 hours.

Madzulu (afternoon) I will hopefully get a ride back with a priest in the Chadiza BOMA. I’m glad I’m finding places where I can connect and blog somewhat more frequently. Till the next time I’m connected: Tizanana!

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