Well last weekend I felt pretty much better and now I’m here for an extra day

Well last weekend I felt pretty much better, save for the frequent runs to the bathroom. And the bathroom here makes me wish it was my place of excretion back in my mudzi (village), here – at lease when the water is out (fortunately hardly at all this time, other times it’s out for days) – I need to get a bucket of water to “manually flush.” Anyway, sorry for bring up such a subject, it’s just that I’ve been spending a lot of time there. Well I’m here for an extra day, my ride isn’t going back till Tuesday – I’m glad I txt’ed him and found out, although this means I will need to take the bus unless he text’s me again and he says he is definitely coming. This means, however, that I won’t be able to water my dimba for yet another day, or actually two because Wednesday I’ll be in the BOMA, although there’s a slight chance I might get back in time to go mumadzulu (in the afternoon). The house has been quite the past two days, only me, the PCVL and his girlfriend, although someone has just come in from a very long ride (northwestern [western most province] to eastern [eastern most province]) bearing a fresh pineapple.

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