Well I got to the BOMA at around 700 hours and got the stuff I had left in my counterpart’s house pa Monday…

2008 07 16
Well I got to the BOMA at around 700 hours and got the stuff I had left in my counterpart’s house pa Monday. I got a confirmation of sorts that the AG vehicle was going to Chipata and thus began the wait. Well, at first I was worried that I had heard wrong that it was going, but then a little after 800 hours people finally started showing up, all confirming that it was. But it wasn’t until around 10:00 hours that it, a flatbed truck, finally came. When I learned that my transport would be in the back of this vehicle I definitely wished I had spent the 30,000k and taken a mini-bus. It wasn’t that bad though, I sat on my backpack which cushioned most of the many bumps, and other passengers had equally “pleasant” rides lying on two mattresses. I only had a t-shirt on though and the wind and clouds made it a rather chilly experience. When I finally got to the PCPH it was just too late to call Lusaka about the specifics of when I needed to get there and had to wait until 1400. I guess I’m going there on Sunday and will meet with the dentist first thing Monday. I also talked to my APCD and the IT person to see whether there was anything I needed to do to use the Wi-Fi connection that was being set up just after I got posted three months ago. Well, I wasn’t thinking Zam-Time because they were still waiting for some switches or something to come. This means I might not be able to download the many hours of podcasts I was hoping… ARG! Then I went to the place there is Wi-Fi in Chipata but couldn’t login although I spent a long time trying to connect and was just about to give up when someone else was able to log in, having gotten another username and password. I did the same and checked e-mail but didn’t have time to do much else as I wanted to get to Shopright before it got dark. Hurried to the store but they were out of almost everything I wanted to get, it’s a good thing I am going to Lusaka where there will be a wider selection and whole grain bread! I got a ride back with a friend of the PCV I had replaced. I definitely wished he still worked in Chadiza because he seemed really nice.

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