The president of Zambia died Tuesday

The president of Zambia died Tuesday. In other news, there’s free internet at ISTT…
Because the president died we had what I thought would be a free dinner at ISTT and I talked to a Lusaka forestry person for a while.
Today we in the morning we learned about how to file our quarterly reports, then had a meeting with the country director. After lunch we had breakout sessions on topics volunteers had expressed interested in learning more about. I attended sessions on fuel efficient cook stoves, jatropha oil making and community radio. Now I am doing some research on pedal powered and wind generators, (slowly) downloading some podcasts and sending some emails. I will be able to leave my laptop connected though so hopefully a couple of the 207 podcasts I would like to download will get done. Tomorrow we will start the second part of the training which will be a two day workshop on project design in which we will work with community counterparts, in my case my DFO (District Forestry Official)

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