I’m still in Lusaka – now the estimated completion date is Wednesday. I’m ready to go back to my village just about now. I think what I’m going to do is make a photo album website like the one I made of my photos in the states ( http://otherrealm.org/ ), then, time permitting when I go back to Chipata I will go to the Wi-Fi place and upload them there. I think I can get the total size down to under 100mb although the photos won’t be print quality. I think I will take some more pictures of my banja and try to have them printed at a photo place in Chipata or maybe there might be a place in the Chadiza BOMA and maybe also try to go into the “city” part of Lusaka and take some pictures to contrast it to the village live. In response to who cut my hair, it was a now COS’ed (Close Of Serviced) RAP (Rural Aquaculture Project) volunteer did it. She was a veteran hair cutter apparently she had cut 25+ peoples hair during her time in Zambia. While stuck here in Lusaka I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Volunteer lounge on the internet or chatting with other volunteers in other provinces. Although there is a wider range of produce in the Lusaka markets, the price is four to five times more then even in Chipata and it is cheaper to buy at the local grocery store. Fortunately that store is owned by Zambians so I don’t feel quite as bad as buying from Shopright which is a South African chain that sells throughout Sub Saharan Africa. Alright, all for now, have to go email my sister and wish her a happy birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARA!!!

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