I’ve got malaria even though I’ve been back for almost 2 months

I had been really tired since I got back from the anniversary celebration and my heart had been racing even when I was sitting. I just thought that it had to do with my lack of sleep when I was at Hampshire and the fact that I had drunk a lot of coffee. On Tuesday afternoon though I passed out and when I came to, went to the emergency room. They ran a bunch of blood tests and my red blood cell count was less then half of what it should be. I’ve been in the hospital since then and they’ve been giving me blood injections and ORS through IV. This afternoon they said that the test they did for malaria came back positive and so they’ve been giving me some form of malarone. I’m glad it was malaria and not something else but I can’t stand being hooked up to an IV. Hopefully I’ll come home tomorrow.

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