The obvious obscurity

What am I going to do today when today is almost over and almost gone?
When today is a replication of other days spent trying some fruitless attempt at being useful. 
Why do those who have infinite ideas fail while success comes easily from those who play by the game set forth by no one, least of all they.
I know this may be hard for no one to understand, but no one is listening to our plea not to have to plea.
It is silent, your indifference, but it is heard loud and clear all the same because that is how indifference is played out.
But the ramifications indifference has make – and have made countless times before – nothing all that much closer to a reality
So how to proceed?
How to seek comfort from like minded nobodies, keeping in mind that they are alike because they are nobody and they have also failed?
Why seek them out?
Why can’t we, we that are like I save for location and how they got to be like I, be we?
The obvious obscurity is that, if the collective I learned this crucial skill, we would no longer fall into this category.
The category we long not to be the last of.
-Aaron E-J

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