Lost in the haze of coffee gone cold…

Lost in the haze of coffee gone cold…
Why can you not be here?
Near to where the apex of summation of cognition and bliss,
Where the setting sun meets with me and the music flows free from the hands of someone else,
…for someone else,
With every intention, but none towards me,
While the pent up burning of a fossil so cruel,
Its pressure bound to hieratical rule,
And the rungs of the ladder have long gone away,
Replaced with nothing but ambiguity and rhetoric,
While every act of good intention goes unheard,
Lost in the haze of coffee gone cold,
When the adrenaline starts to wane,
But the oxytocin of men giving birth to ill thought out apotheosis,
Hits head on with reality.
Then the beating drum goes quiet,
And you begin your next day, your next year, your next life,
Right where you left off,
No better, no worse, no fucking different than any other day.
That's why.
The question is as obvious as the answer to yesterday's logic,
But yesterday's logic is far too simplistic as the future I seek,
Where we meet will be determined by when we meet,
Who we meet though, is what is boring a hole in my soul.
Even though I have the power to set the parameters,
It is that I have set the bars,
Too high to reach,
But too strong to break…
That is why…
That is why.
–Aaron E-J