Are you one of those people who, around the time of Thanksgiving, are stricken by the grief and anguish of knowing that we are celebrating the beginning of European expansion into America and, tragically, the help given to those Europeans by the Native Americans whose culture and population were subsequently obliterated, annihilated, taken to the brink of extinction through Jacksonian policies and Manifest Destiny, causing but two words to tear through your brain with every bite of stuffing and mashed potatoes, every sip of hot cider and every fork-full of Pumpkin pie–Wounded Knee! Wounded Knee!–to make you wonder why we’re giving thanks for THAT, the horrible irony of the Holiday??

Or are you just pissed because turkeys have feelings too.

-from the The Hampshire Improv Troupe which is doing a show in the ASH Auditorium this Friday (11/19/04) at 10 PM

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