The One Night Adventure

          As he made his way to the subway that would take him home to his small apartment in the Boston suburbs, he realized that his watch was slow. Looking up at the clock on the wall overhead he saw he was going to miss it. Swearing under his breath he dashed down a flight of stairs to see the doors just closing. By the time he had gotten down to the terminal, it was a blur.
          Again, almost audible but for the noise of the station, he let out some poignant expletives and headed back up the stairs. He would have been fine to wait another half hour for the next ticket home, but he had a date scheduled with Sandy Wenterworst, a powerful business woman like himself with even more powerful looks. Almost forgetting where he was going as he thought of her dark blond hair and perfect face, he finally made it to the street outside. A mist out side that was toying with the idea of full fledged rain greeted the man, and seemed to return him to his task at hand, namely finding a taxi. Donning a rain hat and waving pointlessly to the non-commercial vehicles whizzing by he, cursed for the third time. Finally, as if three times was the charm a yellow car approached.
          Upon having entered the cab he finally had a look at the driver. It was an inch worm.
          “Where to, old chap?”
-Aaron E-J

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