The Problem, Itself, is the Solution

          Fighting, not exhaustion, but that feeling you get at the end of a week spent half learning and half doing monotonous tasks that are somehow necessary; I now write. It is interesting how my writing is better when I am in this state of unalertness. Not that my current words are coming out in the best fluidity, but the fact remains that I have a hugely improved vocabulary in these instances. So thus, with little else to do, writing is the most productive thing I can. Today I do not have a topic, and this leads to a problem, and, in this instance, a problem will be my topic. There are many problems, and many solutions – which of the two there are more I remain unsure and it is with much sureness that I remain, soundly, unsure. There are also many types of problems. The fact that I do not have huge amounts of energy to do huge amounts of things is a problem. Caffeine is a solution but should not be used before bed time or you will need more of it the next day, spiraling into a never ending cycle that can only be solved by becoming immune to that causes it. Then there is always the Who, What, When, Where and How although Why I have no idea. There are no solutions to these types of questions save those asked by the one who is to answer them. If anyone else tries, you’re sure to get a less than adequate response. Finally 2 to the X squared = 5.
-Aaron E-J

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