Well today started off with me getting my solar panel…


Well today started off with me getting my solar panel (Solaris 26 watt Foldable Solar Array from http://www.olympiccampinggear.com ) which I think is going to work well, I set it up to change some batteries and it seemed to be working although the skies clouded over so the charging was going somewhat slowly. I worked on updating http://www.prospectdesigns.com for a few hours, then went up to Northampton to return my sister to Smith and to look at backpacks at a camping supply store there. I got the Kelly Redcloud 6650, which I hope is comfortable. When I got home I saw that the mail had not been gotten so I went to grab it. We almost needed a bigger mail box because there was a ton of mail and so I didn’t notice that one of the packages was from the Peace Corps and had my staging info. I will be going to Washington D.C. for in-country training and need to call to get my tickets tomorrow. I also got an email saying that I need to fax a copy of my diploma to Zambia, which I will do tonight. Tomorrow it’s a hike with my new backpack, hopefully time to put in a couple hours of web design before I have to go to work at “The Shack.”

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