I have spent quite a bit of money over the last few days…


I have spent quite a bit of money over the last few days buying things for Zambia. It’s kind of ironic that I probably will have spent more money on things I need/want then most Zambians earn in a year. Hopefully these things can act as an investment which pays off by better being able to help strengthen the rural economy in the country I will be spending the next two+ years.

Last night I had nshima and beef stew which was actually pretty good together, although nshima by itself is going to take some getting used to (rather bland). For desert we added a little brown sugar to the nshima and that was good as well.

Today started with work at “the shack” (Radio Shack) in which I bought a DC to AC converter for my solar panel and a shortwave/FM/AM portable radio. Coming home I ordered some more rechargeable batteries and a battery charger that changes individual batteries. I hopefully will have a little time to rework my blog in prep for my departure for Zambia.

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