First I met with someone who had given me some tephrosia …

2008 07 10

a while back to find out where she had gotten them. All but one of the plants had dried up but I got a few leaves which I will put in water I use to water my vegetables. Then ndi pita ku dimba (I went to the garden) and watered everything using the tephrosia. The main reason my dimba is barely surviving is because I haven’t had time to water it daily. I then rushed back, had a quick bite to eat and road to Zingalume basic school where the other LIFE PCV, a local farmer and I held a chogalowa (as are most chinyanja words I write, probably spelled wrong) club meeting with the leader of the club and a few other teachers. These are school clubs throughout Zambia that are related to environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture. We did a name go around and then talked a bit about various trees and planted a few varieties in Shake-Shake (a potent maize alcoholic beverage so I found it somewhat unethical, but anyway) containers. We also split up into groups to work on varies projects.

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