Had my first flat but I pumped it up and was able to ride to the BOMA…

2008 07 11

-Had my first flat but I pumped it up and was able to ride to the BOMA and back without it going flat.

-Met with DFO (District Forestry Officer, my counterpart) and talked about spay paint (diliba?[there is none?]) and getting to Chipata.

-Checked mail, not expecting anything to have come yet but had a pleasant surprise. The company that I had bought my solar panel from, Olympic Camping Gear , found out before I left the States that I was joining the Peace Corps and they thought it was awesome. They sent me some woven bracelets and a letter explaining that the bracelets were from a pacific island, a project started to bring a means of income to the people living there, a glowing review of this company to come!

-went to market and had lunch of tomatoes and popcorn with Trevor

-Went to an open prison and met with the person in charge. There was a scheduling conflict however so it had to be brief

-this fact that the meeting was brief meant that I finally had time to take some pictures of the market, some of which can be found below

-biked back and had lentils and rice and read a book

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