Started out on the road after pumping up my bike tire again…

2008 07 14
Started out on the road after pumping up my bike tire again. First I went to meet with my forestry counterpart to see about finding transport to Chipata; however he too had come down with malaria and was bed ridden. His wife relayed the message that there was possible transport via agricultural office’s vehicle which would be getting ready for the provincial AG fair this weekend. It works out just right that I will be in Chipata then to go see it. Next I went to the district education resource center to use their electricity only to find that the power was out. Read some rather dated Newsweek magazines for a while, then decided to use the battery of my laptop to write some emails that I would send when I went to Chipata. The power finally came back on and I was able to charge my laptop, my ipod and part of my cell phones’ batteries’. Biked back to Dovu village after having dropped off my first load. I charging my cell phone some more using my solar panel’s battery and the noisy way over kill 600 watt inverter I inherited because I had left my 75w one in the BOMA. It cuts out at about 10.6 amp hours or so, so I didn’t get to finish charging it.

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