Am in Lusaka today although will be on the road to Chipata early tomorrow

Am in Lusaka today although will be on the road to Chipata early tomorrow. According to the dentist, the reason my gums have been hurting is because I have been brushing too hard. She prescribed a mouth wash that I am supposed to use after every meal until it get used up and said that I need to brush more… although apparently lighter. Hopefully her prognosis is correct. All this was yesterday. Today I met with Ba Donald, my APCD (Associate PC Director, the head of the life program), and we discussed getting a three wheeled vehicle. Then I tried for a final time to get internet on my phone, going first to one cell phone company (MTN), where it wasn’t successful and I guess they don’t even do email so it wouldn’t be that useful anyway. Then I went to another company (Celltel) where, low and behold – SUCCESS! So I will now be posting a lot more. Put 23 fairly large sized photos on my blog site (see below), couldn’t put them on because the WiFi at the Lusaka office needs some parts, but it was nice to have a fairly fast connection with unlimited band width, even if it was on a government computer that doesn’t let you do anything. A longer blog detailing the past two weeks still hopefully to come. Till then!

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