More Pictures

The Provincial Agricultural Fair

The Zingalume Basic School where another life volunteer and I were holding a “Chongalowa* Club” meeting
*probably spelled wrong
The market where I buy my zakudya (food)Ndi banja (my family) Transport Zam style
My forestry counterpart at my site when I was visiting it for the first timeThis Landover is on its last ride
My Pre-Service Training host family All of the Peace Corps Zambia spring 2008 intake and trainers after being sworn in as volunteers One of the countless lizards that are around my house eating a butterfly
“The Men” doing a traditional Chewa dance during my first site visitThe trainees move to where our home stay families will be When I arrive at my home stay site, I am greeted by a rainbow Me with where I had tech training in the background My closest LIFE volunteer sitting with the many iwe (kids) during our second site visit Some other LIFE trainees trying to start a fire with many onlookers
Just one of countless sunsets
A meal at first site visit
The azimie (women) dance during first site visitA market place we stopped at on the border between Lusaka and Eastern Provinces on the way to first site visit
And the journey begins

Training in Washington

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