a frustrating ride to the BOMA….

2008 07 31
…a frustrating ride to the BOMA
…left stuff at Dist. ED Ext. office, the went to the market where the one time I hadn’t brought any plastic bags they were out of them
…came back and was going to work on my laptop but the power was out. I guess the power always goes out at lunch time.
…Tried to buy popcorn but it was dilibe at all the stores. I did find a tea strainer that I will use for the non-instant coffee grounds I bought (although first I need to use the stuff I brought with me from the states)
…power finally came back on and I charged and added more podcasts & music to ipod
…was about to leave when I got a call from my banja mu America who were on vacation in Maine. Maine is great and this will be the first year I haven’t been there since I was born, something I can’t say of anywhere else. They were doing the usual things we do in Maine and I guess the blueberries are great this year. The phone call needed to be short because they were calling on their cell phone
…went to the post office but it closed at 1600 so I biked back. I hadn’t put on my bike shorts so my nether regions were very sore by the end

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